ABOUT US: (Dog & Cat Grooming & Kenneling)


Paws Claws & Hooves LLC

1161 Worthington Road              

Owensboro, KY  42303             

(270) 925-4558 daycare/ grooming

(270) 683-4476 boarding                         




Payment: Cash, Check, All Major Credit Cards & The Occasional Horse Trade Accepted.





PRICING OWENSBORO:      **price includes tax                                          


Reduce groom price $5.00 for next groom if you reschedule within a 4-6 week window after your groom.  


Bath:  nail trim, dremel(if dog allows), ear cleaning, gland expression(big dogs upon request), bath,         brush and dry.

small          $26.50                                                                       

large           $37.10                                                                      



Bath & Ligth Trim:  everything a bath includes plus a light trim(face, feet, tummy, tail)



small               $39.22                                                                       

medium           $44.52                                                                       

large                $49.82                                                                      

extra large       $55.12




Groom:  everything a bath included plus hair cut all over body



small              $44.52                                                                      

medium          $55.12                                                                     

large               $65.72                                                                     

extra large      $76.32




Cats (Bath)



Any size          $62


Cats (Shave Down)



Any size          $72


Nail & Dremmel Trim:    $12.72                                                                                  


Skunk Bath:  Add $25 per application to any service (Bath, Groom Etc..)


Additional Time (Brush Out, Ferminator**)     $35/Hour


Special Shampoo (Medicated/Flea)     $5


Handling Fee (Agressive or Old Dogs)     $15


** Ferminator reduces shedding by up to 80%.  Try it and your vacuum will like it.  As will you!!





 Kenneling: (must be current in rabies distemper/parvo and bordetella)


$20/Day/Dog or Cat- Includes walk  3 times per day (Drop-off & Pick-up days counted as one day)

10% discount for multiple dogs in same household.  Hours are Monday-Saturday 7a-3p or 6p-7p and Sunday 5p-7p.  


Playtime:  $5 for 15 minutes - individual time for your pet and kennel worker

Daycare:  $15 for 5hrs - allowed to play with other dogs at our indoor daycare(dog must be spayed/neutured and current in vaccines 


Half Day (>5hours):            $15.90

Full Day (<5hours):             $26.50

Daycare w/groom or bath:   $15.90 (can stay all day 7a-5:30p with this deal)

Daycare Packages:

1 month - $270.30 (3 full days per week/ 12 visits)

1 month - $450.50 (5 full days per week/ 20 visits)

15 visit punch card - $344.50 (expires in 3 months)

Pet Taxi:

$5 one way within 15 minutes of our location ($2 extra for every mile outside of 15minutes)















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