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Paws Claws & Hooves LLC   

1161 Worthington Road (boarding)

(270) 683-4476

2803 West Parrish Ave. (daycare/grooming)            

Owensboro, KY  42301            

(270) 925-4558                         



Payment:  Cash, Check, All Major Credit Cards

& The Occasional Horse Trade Accepted.





Pet Grooming (By Appointment Only):


Trina was trained professionally for grooming in Dayton, Ohio in 2006.  She worked for nearly 2 years as an independent pet groomer at the TLC Pet Center in Shelbyville, KY.  She grew a great reputation and people are still asking for her to come back.  She is Owensbors’s own pet groomer now, so no worries; we love our Owensboro Community!


Trina can do great Top Knots on Poodles and do all of your standard breed cuts and if you would like your dog to look like a male lion just ask her and she will do what you want as long as its humane to the animal.  Sure cut it off its only hair it will grow back!!!  Enjoy your clean, good smelling cuddly dog or Cat (Yes Trina can groom Cats to!) and bring them back regularly to avoid those painful unsightly matts that we hate to see because most of the time you will hear Trina say “SHAVE DOWN”  So just don’t go there!  Take care of your little kids and we thank you for letting us be apart of the process.  We will love on them and you will get them back looking better than when you gave them to us.  Bring your shot records if you can other wise we can contact your vet.








Kenneling: (By Appointment Only)


We live on site and are open Mon-Sat by appointment only with pick ups available on Sunday. We have 17 heated/air conditioned built in kennels and we can expand up to five more portables during busy seasons.  We also have 3 built in kennels that are not heated or air conditioned that we can use for outside dogs.  Included in your dogs stay is a dog walk and play time 3 times every day at no additional charge.  We can feed your dog or cat but we do recommend you bring your own food so we don’t get the little one sick!  It takes a while for most dogs & cats to adjust to a new food.  Water is provided of course and we will have carpeted mats for them to lay on.  You can bring their own pillow or blanket and of course their favorite chew toy.  They can chew them to pieces so you may not want to bring anything to fancy.  Yes same for the cats.  We do not discriminate at Paws Claws & Hooves LLC so you better not either.  Give us plenty of notice especially during holidays, spring and summer and we love you folks with two houses who can’t bring your beloved animal with you we will keep them and love on them until you come back tan from your Florida extended vacation.  Your dog or cat will be in great spirits waiting to spring on to your chest and lick you all over your face when you return!!  Your cat however will be a little different. If you don't believe us try it out.  Don't forget your animals shot records so we can put a copy with your records if you don't have one just give us your vets number and name and we will call and get it for you.  Rabies, Distemper/Parvo, and Bordatella (Kennel Cough) is required for kenneling.  Puppies must be completely thru boosters.


Maybe your pup needs a friend to play with or maybe your exhausted from your busy day at work or maybe you have errands to run but don't want to leave your pup out while your gone.  If you have any of these problems then you need to bring your pup to doggy daycare!  Our experienced staff monitor the dogs will playing or just hanging out.  They plan fun activities(check out our facebook page pawsclawshoovesowensboro) every day to keep them busy.  

Pet Taxi:

Do you have trouble getting your pup to and from it's appt's?  No problem!  We will come get them and bring home!


















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